Advanced Estate Tax Planning

Estate Tax Planning Attorneys in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

None of us want to pay taxes, but pay them we must. Most people find the concept of estate taxes to be particularly galling. You work hard, pay your income taxes, and then the government wants your heirs to pay additional taxes on the inheritances you’ve left them.

At Legacy Law Firm, P.C. we can use a variety of tools and strategies to minimize or even eliminate your tax burden. These include gifting, business valuation discounts, low interest loans, charitable and marital deductions, deferred compensation agreements and more. The comprehensive plan we design for you can also provide the flexibility needed to deal with changes to the tax codes.

Our goal with respect to tax planning is to help you leave the largest possible amount of your assets to your children, a charity of your choosing, or any other people or institutions you see fit—as opposed to letting the government obtain a substantial portion of all that you have worked so hard to achieve.

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